Residential Services

                                 Kitchen Cleaning

·   Clean the stove top 

·   Inside/outside of microwave

·  Cleaning the Exterior of the Refrigerator / wipe off the top if it is cleared off

·   Move everything that can be moved on top of countertops to wipe clean, as well as kitchen appliances

·   No dishes


                                    Bathrooms Cleaning

·   Scrub showers 

.   Clean sink

·   Clear off countertops to clean – wipe and put things back

·   Inside/Outside of toilet and around on the floor

·   Mop my way out

                                    Living Areas Cleaning


·   Wipe all cleared surfaces

·   Clean glass sliding doors – no windows

·   Windows sills that can be reached

·   Swifter dust pictures, TVs, touchy areas that cannot be wiped


·   Both carpets and hard floors – furniture if wanted

·   Move everything that can be easily moved

·   Mop my way out of the house